GERMGUARDIAN AC4825 3-in-1 Air Purifier Review

Germguardian AC4825 is one of the best sources for the removal of contaminated air from your living area. It is a product by Germguardian technologies, and that is why this product is a compact, affordable and reliable source when it comes to air purifying.


This product has a structure of a 22- inch tower, and it is suitable for usage in small and medium sized rooms as per consumers’ convenience. The weight of this air purifier is just 7 pounds and it is considered to be an efficient one as the consumption of power is also less as compared to its performance. The consumption of power by Germguardian AC4825 is around 60 W per hour. It is considered to be one of the best air purifiers for smoke odor under $100 and thus, is added to the list of best sellers.


Let us discuss a few of its major features:

Ease of Use

Primarily, Germguardian AC482 is delivered as a complete package and is ready to be used just as soon as it is unboxed. All of its control buttons are placed on the top which makes it easy to operate. The purifier weighs less and is easy to carry around, and its structure and size provide ease of use and placement as well. Just plug in, turn it on and there you go!

The design

GERMGUARDIAN AC4825 3-in-1 AIR PURIFIER Buy on AmazonThis air purifier has a contemporary, slim and sleek design which adds to its Highlighting It’s look, makes Germguardian AC4825 completely suitable for all arrangements; let it be your bedroom, office or the sitting area. The design and size complement its usage. It’s compact and sleek with a black matte structural body which goes with any kind of interior designs. You can say, the design completely defines CLASS.

Silent Operation

Germguardian AC4825 operates at a very low noise level. Usually, air purifiers make a lot of noise which proves to be disturbing for the home dwellers, but the Germguardian, is not make a sound at all. You will never face noise problems when it’s working.

High Clean Air Delivery Rate

The CADR rating or Germguardian AC4825 is noted among the highest. It has a Clean Air Delivery Rate for dust (131), for smoke (112), for pollens (123). Also, the speed of air cleansing is pretty good. It takes around, 5 – 11 minutes to clear dust, smoke, pollens and other allergens in an empty room. The air purifier is optimal for the removal of smoke odor and is effective and efficient.

Affordable Price and Maintenance Cost

As mentioned earlier, this product is included among the the best air purifiers for smoke odorGermguardian AC4825 is really affordable looking at its performance and efficiency. It comes with a HEPA filter and a bulb fitted inside it. Apart from the actual product cost, the maintenance and operating costs of Germ Guardian AC4825 are minimal as well. Though the components of this air purifier require replacement in about 6-9 months; the quality and maintenance of this product depend upon the usage and area of usage as well.

The Germguardian AC4825 has a number of benefits given at its cost which you won’t be getting from any other usual air purifier.


Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of GERMGUARDIAN AC4825 Air Purifier.


  • The price is completely affordable as per the quality of Germguardian AC4825.
  • This product comes as a complete package and does not require extra or extended maintenance and parts.
  • This product provides amazing ease of use.
  • Does not make disturbing noises while working.
  • Its performance is very reliable as it has a high CADR rating.
  • The design of Germguardian AC4825 is sleek and goes well with different sorts of interior and rooms.
  • The structure and size of this air purifier is tall and compact which makes it suitable for fitting into compact spaces and small/medium rooms.


  • Its blue UV light can appear to be quite bright in a dark room.
  • The smell of the plastic remains for a couple of days after its unpacking and installation.

GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Purifier


Installing an Air purifier at home or office has become a necessity these days, the choice to be made has become tougher due to various competing manufacturers, but we have made it easy by giving you a complete compact solution to all your air cleansing issues. Germguardian AC4825 has all the ability to be adequate and efficient in its performance. It is a three-in-one air purifier which focuses on the removal of all the possible allergens including dust, smoke, and pollens.

The ratings and feedbacks from its users prove that the product is best suitable for smoke removal and fits well even within compact spaces. It does not have any considerable cons.

In short, it looks good on the outside and works well on the inside. It is a complete package in itself.

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